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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Band Angels

Tim and Tami West have eight children in a unique blended family – only one of the eight is Tim’s own biological son. In 2003 his son and daughter-in-law had his first grandchild, Riley. In July of 2008 4-year-old Riley was taken to the emergency room where her blood sugar tested at over 600. She was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes, a diagnosis that changed her life and the lives of those who love her. Now a sleep-over at Poppy and Ma’s meant not only bringing her pajamas and toothbrush, but also her glucometer, test strips, alcohol swabs, syringes, and lots of bandages.

Tim and Tami, along with Riley’s parents, family and friends pray every day that she will be healed. One evening Riley was on one of those sleep-overs when Tim noticed how many bandages she had on her fingers and arms. He also noticed that it all became routine – swab, test, inject, slap a bandage on. She was always so brave and understood the entire process. It occurred to him how precious it would be to remind her how much he wants her to be healed. He realized how millions of children’s parents hurt when their children hurt – whether it’s from insulin injections or minor cuts and scrapes. How powerful would it be to put healing bible verses and angels right on that wound? And the Band Angels were born.

I got the pleasure of reviewing these cute lil band aids. Thankfully my children did't need then by the time I wrote this. But my step daughter, Breeana likes to think she needs one for a paper cut! lol. So she go to try it out. I like them. There cute, sticks well and what a great message they have to teach children when they aren't feeling so good at the time. They say "For I am the Lord and I will heal you"

You can buy them at there website, Band Angels

3 boxes of bandages - includes shipping inside the United States.
$10.00 or

Band Angels Bandages

Box of 20 bandages with 3 different Bible verses about healing. Includes S&H.
$3.50 What a great deal!


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