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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cranky Cat Studio Baby and Toddler Fashion

Cranky Cat Studio Baby and Toddler Fashion

Eclectic, Bright, and Fun Handmade items for Babies and Toddlers. Bibs, blankets, diaper bags, hats and much more.

My daughter is obsessed with shoes! Obsessed! She's had about 20 pairs and she's only 22 months old! So when she received Flexi-Feet Squeaky Shoes ~ Flutter Purple Leather from Cranky Cat Studio Baby and Toddler Fashion I knew she would love them. Love was a understatement. Just look =D

heheh She continued to do this for about 15 mins.


A lil' about Flexi-feet squeaky shoes-
We have designed a sole especially for growing little feet! Our unique sole includes toe and heel guards and extra rubber padding to cushion each and every little step! Do not worry mom and dad we have not compromised our flexibility. Our shoes still flex with each step your child takes.If you like buying your tots shoes a little big( we know how quickly little feet grow) these removable pads will make your tots foot snug. Simply remove as your child’s foot grows. Flexi-feet™ shoes can grow with your child’s foot and grow with your child’s mind with our interchangeable designs.

Cranky Cat Studio Baby and Toddler Fashion
sales more than shoes. She makes, tutu orveralls, bibs, hair clips, blankets and much more.

to see more , her is her facebook page.

She's also feature on


Cranky Cat Studio said...

Great video capture of the shoes in action! I love it!!

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