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Monday, September 6, 2010

Mon Van Landingham

Mon Van Landingham

Affordable, Funky, Fun, Fashions for Friends! New and Old Friends! Message me your email, item # and size! $5 shipping no matter how many items you buy! Please add me as your friend!
I have a 100% EXCHANGE Policy!

Here's a lil' background info. on Mon Van Landinham
There is no better feeling (for me a mother of 4, former Gap, Macy’s, BeBe, Nordstoms, Banana Republic shopper) than just picking up a little “Drive By” warm Fuzzy for myself at Target. Just a blouse or dress. Something new, inexpensive and accessible!
I recently bought some beautiful affordable items from another Mother (like me) on Facebook and I loved them. Getting them in the mail, was even better. It takes so little for us Mommies to get a pick me up!

So in this state of mind I realized I gotta do this myself. In my taste, and the things I love but maybe don’t wear. I found an awesome and affordable wholesaler and threw my hat in the ring!

It is a bit challenging overcoming the “what if it doesn’t fit, I am afraid to buy online objection”-but my prices are sooo affordable and I am willing to work with people. I post the size charts and the items I sell are relatively true to size. I am also providing the Plus size items. I try to pick unique, fun, funky fashion. Seasonal.

My shipping is $5.00 no matter how much you order-so that keeps the bottom line down as well. Everyone has been so receptive and supportive-I am having a blast. And I look good doing it!

I had tons of fun browsing threw all her items. She has it all, shoes, clothing, bags and jewelry. She even has items for plus size women. Which is wonderful for me. I know it's hard finding items that fits me. It's a 1 stop shop for me!

Also, All of my purses are PETA Friendly (faux leather), and they have very great quality hardware. 90% of my clothing is made in the USA and I buy 100% in the USA. I do not order from China.

Isn't that nice?!

Mon Van Landingham sales more clothing, purses, shoes and even jewelry. It's a one stop shop for me. She even has cute plus size clothing. Perfect for me. We all know how hard it is to find CUTE plus size clothing.

Here is her purse that I go to review from her

This is the from of the purse. It's nice and sturdy. Love this pattern.

Side view

The sides both have a metal ring that loops around so that the purse is sturdy


This is the inside view of the purse, patter still matching with the theme of the purse. Also, inside there are 2 more area of room. It has a place for your change and your cell phone.

Mov Van Landingham also sales more than purses. Here is a plus size blouse she has for sale.

This blouse is very light weight so you will have to wear a tank underneath it. This blouse is perfect for everyday wear, even going out in. Pair it with a pair of her shoe's and you're read for a night out!

If you'd like to broose the rest of her items, find her on facebook.


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you said that you had the size chart for mon van landingham but I can't find it. If you have it email me at

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