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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Charm Factory

Unique, High Quality, Sterling Silver Charms, Charm Bracelets & More!

To kick of October I wanted to post this review about Charm Factory's Awareness bracelet. October is breast cancer awareness month. This month is very important to everyone! Me personally, my granny had breast cancer and my friend has it now.

I received this Awareness Bracelet to review.

Charm Factory

This is the perfect gift for a survivor or a personal going threw cancer right now. Keep there faith up! This will surly brighten there day! I know it did mine!
The bracelet was placed in a cute lil' white box. It was like your own lil' present to yourself! ;D So, I opened up the box and I was delighted to see the beautiful bracelet! I grabbed it and put it on fast! It fits well and is made out of sterling liver, made in the USA and hand made!

This bracelet has 5 figures on it, "faith", "hope", "believe" and 2 breast cancer ribbons.

Don’t see a theme that reflects your passion? Then see our custom charm bracelet section. We will be glad to construct a charm bracelet with charms that express your own unique personality.

Here is a Halloween themed bracelet you can make!

Check out all the charms! Customize it to your life!

Charm Factory


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