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Thursday, October 7, 2010

tsukihoshi shoes


Fashionably functional cute shoes for kids!

I was so excited when I got the chance to review a pair of shoes from Tsukihoshi! I was browsing threw all there selection say "that ones cute", "oh that is cute too!". Tsukihoshi has shoes for baby's, kids and even youth!

Here are the shoes I got to review.

My daughter put them on and started jumping up and down. =) It was so cute! These will be a good winter shoe. They have a large velcro strap so you don't have to fuss with strings which is nice. Easy on easy off! The shoes are so light weight and breathable so not order.

Here are some functions of the shoe:
Balanced landing

Children feet may tend to over-pronate (land on the arch side) when walking. As a result, children need more stability in their shoes. Our solid half sock board and a solid heel counter help to provide this stability in the heel area.

Arch Support

Like many parts of a childユs foot, the arch of a child's foot is not yet fully formed. Our ''Molded Cup Insole'' is designed for children arches while helping to neutralize foot odor.

Light & flexible

Children's feet can not bend and kick forward well because they are not yet fully developed. Our latest innovation, a "Flex-Joint Outsole" helps to allow children feet to be nd along the line from the joint of the big toe to that of the little toe.

Barefoot-like comfort

Excessive inward tilting towards the arches when walking and running is very common among children. Our ''Comfortable Shoe Last'' provides space in the toe area to help keep the child's toe in an unrestricted position, allowing them to splay on contact with the ground.

They are also machine washable!!!

I HIGHLY recommended these shoes!

Want to buy a pair?

Here is there website

She have worn the shoes out for about a week now and she and I love them. They are very comfy on her feet.


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