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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bling Sprit Make up

A little about them...
Bling Spirit Glitter Make-up
is Performance Make-up designed for anyone who needs to shine on stage under those big bright lights! At any Performance, Competition, Exhibition, Recital, Pageant, Parade, Concert, or the dance on Saturday night, every girl wants to be able to out shine and out sparkle the competition. Most importantly, you want to make a lasting impression on your audience and everyone around you! Especially those judges!

I got to review yellow gold glitter , high shine lip gloss, pink gold mineral blush and the 5 piece travel brush set.

My step daughter looooves make up!So we tried it on her first. She was super excited to see all of the bight bling colors!

The cream eye shadow is very creamy. Goes on smooth and it almost like a matalic color on her eyes. It really makes your eyes stand out! Very, very easy to remove! She can even do it herself. It has a nice glide on brush.
The mineral blush was my fav.! Lots of sparkle with just a hint of a dark red color! Looked really pretty on her! Would need help putting it on, because 44 of the loose powder.

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The gold glitter was veryyy glittery! It didn't stick to her face. I think you need the natural control adhesive.

I absolutely loved the travel brushes! So convinced!

I got this to try out for my sister who is a member of her high school color guard. All the colors match so nicely with there uniforms!As, Bling Sprit Make up is Each created to Match Your Team Colorsand Uniforms Perfectly! This collection is Loud, Bold, & Exciting, offering a kaleidoscope of tones.

Bling Spirit Glitter Make-up has been specially formulated for Athletes! All of our Creamy Eye shadows, Glitter Sealers, Eyeliners, Mascaras, and Lip Pens are Sweat Proof and Smudge Proof! Our Make-up will STAY ON ALL DAY then, when you're ready, it will easily wash off with soap and water.

Request a FREE catalog here!
They have so much more to offer! Check out there website!


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