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Monday, November 22, 2010

Pretty Socks

Pretty Socks

Pretty socks for pretty girls!!

Socks. You don't think much about them huh? Well, Pretty Socks does and now so do I!

Pretty Socks offers little girls hand beaded socks to match any outfit! Perfect for birthday outfits, Christmas outfits and everyday clothes!

I got sent 3 pairs of Pretty Socks to review.

One blue and white pair, my daughter's school colors, one with my daughters name on them and then a "jingle bells" pair.

The jingle bells socks are sooo cute! They have red and green beads with tiny gold bells on them!!! How cute would that look with a Christmas dress? It will totally complete the outfit!

When my daughter put them on she was surprised at how they jingled. It was so cute. She'd run around the house! She loved them.

Also, the quality of all of there are wonderful!! You'd think they would fall off, but they don't! My toddler daughter made sure of it!

Here is a little about the prices,
Beads are crocheted onto the cuff, will not come off or unravel.

Variety of sizes and colors. $3.50/pair, shipping extra

Discount available when purchasing 5 or more pair.

Special orders taken (depending on availability of sock color and bead colors)

Infant: 18-36 months

Small: Shoe size 6-10 1/2 (ages 2-4 yrs)

Medium: Shoe size 101/2-4 (age 5 yrs)

Large: Shoe size 4-10

I've washed ours in garment bags and they don't unravel.

She is having a REFERRAL CONTEST right now! *The 1st person to send her 20 ppl will get a free pair of socks!*

Here is her facebook page


lewalk said...

What a great review. They sound awesome. It is extremely hard to find fancy, girlie socks that don't come apart as soon as you put them on. Thanks for the great info and for the 411 on the referral contest to get a free pair.

Lynette said...

can i have those in ladies size?????????

C's mamma said...

Your so welcome!

Lynette , Yes! Pls contact her =)

Pls say I sent you

Thanks all.

HGandee said...

She's added a "Contact" tab to her facebook page so it will be easy to place your orders or ask a question about her socks!! Get your orders in so they'll be shipped in time for Christmas!!!!

Shannon said...

Thank you for sharing her fan page! Those socks are super cute!!

ChristinaP said...

Aww those are soo cute.

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