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Friday, November 12, 2010

Cute Tees for your Cutie!! Quality items for a reasonable price!

You can never have enough T-shirt! And most of all CUTE ones! has a WIDE range of T's for your baby, toddler and older children.

She has Christmas T's, MMA T's, Marvel comic T's and many many more!

Besides T's shirts she also has adorable Mud Pie clothing and shoes, Bumbkins super bibs, Baby Legs and clippies!

It's a one stop shop!

I got to review a Beatles T and a Batman T.

The Beatles T was sooo darn cute!!! My daughter, who is almost 2 really does like the Beatles music. It's funny. Anyways, the T is a 2 and it ran a little small.
And the lime green was not as bright as it was in the pic. but the quality is great. It says A is for apple B is for Beatles!

The Batman T is plain T with the batman logo. The batman logo is glow in the dark! My son loved it! He wear it to school then quickly took it off when he got home. He said he didn't want to ruin it. awww lol

I would diffidently recommended for any occasion!

Here is there website and facebook page!
Go shop!


Michelle said...

Thanks for the Feedback. Absolutley honest assessment. I have recently heard back that the Beatles shirts tend to run a bit smaller so I have started posting that in notes on the website =) Also, due to dye lot differences the colors can vary slightly. Glad you liked our stuff =) *Cute Tees*

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