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Monday, December 27, 2010



You will have so much fun looking at Bows4'rmBrie's Facebook page she has TONS of sculpted clippies. When I was browsing threw I was so blown away at how cute they were! I've never seen sculpted clippies so well done as I have there!

Here are just a FEW of my favs!!

Neat huh?
I got the pleasure of reviewing 2 of her sculpted clippies.
A cheer leader clippie here

My 8 year old went nuts over it! It's not too big either! The quality is perfect ! Flawless! You can even chance out the colors. Have a fav team? school colors? You can even put 1 bow in her hair or make her have pig tales ;D To top it off she places a oh so tiny jewel on the bow!

I also got to review this cute lil' guy

You can tell that she really put in some time on him! The quality is great here as well! Frosty is complete with a top hat! Placed on a alligator clip, it looked so cute in my daughter hair. She got so many complements on it!

Bows4'rmBrie also makes bows, bottlecap bows and has korkers. 3.5 inch korkers.
I got to review this one

I loved these colors! My 2 year old tested this out and it never came un done or unravled. Looks great on a hat or just on top of a pony tail =)

I will deff. be coming back to buy from Bows4'rmBrie.Will you??

Find all here items here on Facebook.


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