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Monday, December 6, 2010



Don't let our name fool you. At Sassy Baby Products, we love to have fun but we take child and product development seriously. Actually, we never separate the two. We work closely with child development experts to design Products with Purpose for your developing baby

Oooooh feeding time! My daughter is a toddler now and she gets so messy when she eats. I use to keep her dressed and she use to not like to wear bibs. ugh. Not so fun for mom.

So at lunch time this day, I used Sassy's Girl Clean Cuisine Pocketed Feeding Bib 0+ Inspire On-the-Go

As I said my daughter don't wear bibs. She didn't mind this one too much. I loved it! All the food fell into the pockets and not on her!!

The BEST part was it's so easy to clean. Just wipe off and your done. These can even be ran threw the dishwasher.

The bib come in 10 bright fun colors!

Also with the Sassy bib , my daughter used Sassy s Less Mess Toddler Spoons (2pk) 9+ Inspire Confidence

These are so neat! The handles are curved so that little hands can hold them better. I took these out of the package and my daughter immediately grabbed them out of my hand! I think she was a lil' excited to use them.These spoons help build conference wile eating.

Sassy has many other baby products available for babies to toddler ages.


Bath products

Sassys items were designed with the help of child development experts to stimulate the senses. You’ll find the same high-contrast geometric patterns, symmetrical faces and bright colors that you see throughout the rest of the line.


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