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Monday, October 18, 2010

Three little pumpkins =)

Here are the kids 3 lil' pumpkins!
so cute!

We have yet to carve them

Seams Sew Special

It is so fun dressing up my lil' girl in tutu's and girlie frilly clothes!
So I was so excited to review one of Seams Sew Special's bloomers! They are darling!
You can get bloomers to match any theme! They look great under a tutu!

I got to review these bloomers are Disney themed with Minnie appliqued on them. Oh so cute!!

They cam with 3 small red and white polka dot bows. They have a very comfortable elastic waist so it fits well. Hand was only.

They even have matching socks!!!

Here are some other bloomers she makes

Go check out all her items on facebook and her website

Smarty Pants Vitimans review/GIVEAWAY

Smarty Pants Vitimans

Remember the Flintstones vitamins? I use to take those when I was a little girl. vitamins sure have advanced since then!

Smarty Pants Vitamins
make kids who don't like taking vitamins like to take vitamins!
Not only does Smarty Pants vitamins have all the vitamins your child needs to be healthy but they are gummy! My daughter must have asked me 5 times one morning if it was time to take her vitamins! =) Music to my ears!

A little more about Smarty Pants Vitamins

Eco-friendly non-tuna Omega 3 fish oil with DHA

Meets 100% of the US RDI of Vitamin D with 13 other key nutrients, including choline

Gluten-free and no High Fructose Corn Syrup or artificial sweeteners, only Organic Cane Sugar

Made in California with Natural Flavors & Colors

Get Health, Give Health: Every time you buy SmartyPants, we make a matching 1-to-1 nutrient grant to a child most in need through our partnership with Vitamin Angels

Want to buy them? Go here!

With your order of delicious SmartyPants Gummy Multi-Vitamins, you get a Vitamin Angel wristband to show your support for children health and 4 kid-friendly and free FDA-approved temporary tattoos

Want to win a $15 gift card to Eco
Here is how!

1.Follow my blog
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Ends Nov. 1, 2010

Fan Stamp

Fan Stamp

he patented press-on face and body paint that outlasts, and out-smiles, any other product out there.

Promising that if you can dream it... Fan Stamp can do it!

Did you ever see the people at football games with the face paint in there teams colors that says "I bleed blue"? I have! I've always wanted those! Never knew where to get them until now!

Fan Stamp has them!

Fan Stamp is the perfect product for birthdays, Halloween parties, dance/cheer leading teams and so much more!

My daughter was so excited to try this out! I received a zebra stamp that goes on your eyes! So cool! The only thing was it was a sample and it didn't have the other eye stamp. Only one. But, it went on smooth and came off smooth. No mess! It looked very cool! A great thing is you don't need water! No wet wash cloth! Just stick, press and peel! It's really that easy!

Go here to watch the video!

Here are a few of Fan Stamp other stamps they have

Go check out all there designs here!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Warmly yours

Warmly yours

I am cold blooded. When I am freezing other people are burning up. So I love warming up with a throw or a soft blanket. So when I got the chance to do a review on Warmly yours area warmers I was thrilled! The idea of it is genius. It's perfect for those nights in with the family.

WarmlyYours under area rug warmers fit discreetly beneath area rugs to add soothing, radiant heat without unsightly vents or portable heaters. No installation is required, simply plug in the system for a quick and easy way to add warmth and comfort to any room in your home. WarmlyYours area rug warmers come with a 1-year warranty.

It lays down flat and is very thin underneath the rug. It has a on/off switch attached to the cord, which reaches pretty far to the outlet. So, you have lots of room to place the rug.

It heated up fast! Very cozy. Not too hot not too cold!

From there website,
. Measuring less than ¼” thick, they can be easily concealed beneath even your most delicate rug. For instant warmth, simply plug it in wherever heat is desired. Our area warmers come with a non-slip pad that adheres to the bottom of the heating system, serving as both a safety feature and extra padding for the floor beneath it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Braylins Boutique

Braylins Boutique

Custom designs are available! I love to make new designs for little kids!

When I first saw all of Braylin's Boutique creations I was in awe! They are all hand sewn!! Makes beautiful t-shirts, bows!!

She also sales petti skirts, crib shoes, and much much more! A one stop shop!

When I received this bow and this hand sewn onsie I was thrilled!
The stitching was flawless, the colors were bright and very creative! The flower was made out of scrap fabric cut up into a flower. So nicely made! It looks beautiful my daughters hair. It also matches nicely with the onsie.

aw, I just love it!

Here are some more of her holiday creations!
super adorable reindeer

The friendly ghost

She also makes custom items! Holidays are coming up so make sure you get matching t's for your little ones! ;D I know I am!

You can buy all her creations here

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pumpkin-Carving Tips

Pumpkin-Carving Tips

I found some GREAT pumpkin-carving tips from

We haven't carved our pumpkin yet...but when we do we will deff. use these tips! Can't wait!!!

* A pumpkin
* Three tools: poker, drill, saw
* Paper pattern: make one or print your own pattern
* Tape
* A candle

1. Cut an opening in the top or bottom of a pumpkin. Make the hole big enough so that you can clean out the pumpkin easily. Save the piece you cut out to use as a lid.

2. Clean and scrape the inside. The pumpkin wall you will carve should be no more than one inch thick.

Illustration: step 3
Cut out the pattern or make your own out of a piece of paper. Trim the pattern and tape it to the pumpkin. It may be necessary to make small folds to fit the paper smoothly.
Illustration: step 4
Transfer the design. Using the poker, poke through the paper making dots along each outline on the pattern. Then remove the pattern. (Save it and refer to it while you are carving.)

step 5 Drill the holes. Hold the pumpkin in your lap and twist the drill into each hole made by the poker in step 4. Turn the drill gently until it pierces the pumpkin's skin.

Step 6:
6. Start sawing. Grasp the saw like a pencil and move it steadily up and down, working from dot to dot. Always hold the saw at a right angle to the pumpkin.

7. Cut a chimney. Light a candle inside the pumpkin, then close the lid. Quickly put out the flame and look for the blackened spot inside the lid. Cut a small hole there; it will let the smoke and heat escape while a candle glows inside.

Have you carved your pumpkin yet?

tsukihoshi shoes


Fashionably functional cute shoes for kids!

I was so excited when I got the chance to review a pair of shoes from Tsukihoshi! I was browsing threw all there selection say "that ones cute", "oh that is cute too!". Tsukihoshi has shoes for baby's, kids and even youth!

Here are the shoes I got to review.

My daughter put them on and started jumping up and down. =) It was so cute! These will be a good winter shoe. They have a large velcro strap so you don't have to fuss with strings which is nice. Easy on easy off! The shoes are so light weight and breathable so not order.

Here are some functions of the shoe:
Balanced landing

Children feet may tend to over-pronate (land on the arch side) when walking. As a result, children need more stability in their shoes. Our solid half sock board and a solid heel counter help to provide this stability in the heel area.

Arch Support

Like many parts of a childユs foot, the arch of a child's foot is not yet fully formed. Our ''Molded Cup Insole'' is designed for children arches while helping to neutralize foot odor.

Light & flexible

Children's feet can not bend and kick forward well because they are not yet fully developed. Our latest innovation, a "Flex-Joint Outsole" helps to allow children feet to be nd along the line from the joint of the big toe to that of the little toe.

Barefoot-like comfort

Excessive inward tilting towards the arches when walking and running is very common among children. Our ''Comfortable Shoe Last'' provides space in the toe area to help keep the child's toe in an unrestricted position, allowing them to splay on contact with the ground.

They are also machine washable!!!

I HIGHLY recommended these shoes!

Want to buy a pair?

Here is there website

She have worn the shoes out for about a week now and she and I love them. They are very comfy on her feet.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Gymboree Closet

The Gymboree Closet

Hi all you Gymbo lovers out there! I have a great new fan page for you!!! The Gymboree Closet! She sales used and new Gymboree clothing. Along with other top brand named clothing.

I know how much I love Gymboree clothing but I also know how expensive they can be.

At The Gymboree Closet she has unbelievable prices!!! It dosen't have to cost a arm and a leg to have stylish clothes anymore!

Here are a FEW of her items available for sale!

new with tags-UP TO 7 pounds-made of snow velour romper- 9.00 shipped

new with tags-little rookie pumpkin onesie--7.50 shipped

Built for speed top-NEW WITH TAGS- 7 shipped

New with tags antique truck all american shirt paired with skate park khakis-21.00 shipped

3T EUC-8 shipped

0-3 new with tags-sweeter than candy-12.00 shipped

girl 3-6 mo

girl6-12 Lots of dots -vguc-5.00 shipped

girl12-18 NEW! Winter ballerina paired with puppy school pants-19.50 shipped

GIRLS 18-24 months Janie and Jack snowbird frost -VGUC- comes with the diaper cover as well-20.00 shipped

girl 2T holiday pictures-EUC--12.50 shipped

girl 3T Gingerbread girl 3 pc set. Hoodie is a 3-4, shirt and jeans sz 3. EUC except for the hoodie, the fur is matted a bit. 22.50 shipped

girl 4T Candy Shoppe 8 shipped EUC

she also has assessorites! Popsicle Party -NEW- 5.00 shipped

Aren't those so stinkin' cute?!

If you'd like to buy these and TONS more Gymbo clothing go see there facebook page! Get them asap! They sale FAST! ;D

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Papter mache pumpkins

I found this Oh-so cute craft from

I cannot wait to try this out! Prob. tomorrow!

All you need for this project is:

plastic or plaster pumpkins
fall and/or Halloween scrapbooking paper
Elmer's glue
a little creativity
a willingness to get messy

Mix Elmer's glue with water in a bucket or bowl. Rip pieces of paper, dip into the gluey water, and then plop it right down on your pumpkin. Let air dry. Wa-la. Cute pumpkins.

That is it!

Charm Factory

Unique, High Quality, Sterling Silver Charms, Charm Bracelets & More!

To kick of October I wanted to post this review about Charm Factory's Awareness bracelet. October is breast cancer awareness month. This month is very important to everyone! Me personally, my granny had breast cancer and my friend has it now.

I received this Awareness Bracelet to review.

Charm Factory

This is the perfect gift for a survivor or a personal going threw cancer right now. Keep there faith up! This will surly brighten there day! I know it did mine!
The bracelet was placed in a cute lil' white box. It was like your own lil' present to yourself! ;D So, I opened up the box and I was delighted to see the beautiful bracelet! I grabbed it and put it on fast! It fits well and is made out of sterling liver, made in the USA and hand made!

This bracelet has 5 figures on it, "faith", "hope", "believe" and 2 breast cancer ribbons.

Don’t see a theme that reflects your passion? Then see our custom charm bracelet section. We will be glad to construct a charm bracelet with charms that express your own unique personality.

Here is a Halloween themed bracelet you can make!

Check out all the charms! Customize it to your life!

Charm Factory