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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hair Sugar by Janna

Hair Sugar by Janna

The only sugar you will ever want your child to wear!

Let me just start off by saying that Hair Sugar by Janna has amazing customer service skills! She helped me threw my whole review order, down to every last detail! I really appreciated that. =)

Now for the review...

Ever wonder about the process that goes into making your hair bows? Hair Sugar by Janna shows you! I think it's nice to see how my bows are made.

*quote from her* "I like my customers to know what goes into their finished product"

Step 1 I sew my bows and clippies as much as possible. Buttons are added after by gluing so they don't break during the stiffening process.

Step 2 All my bows and clippies are stiffened (excluding satin) to keep their shape. I use Aussie so it has more of a fruity smell and less of a hairspray smell. It is not strong, so unless you are within close range of the bow or clippie, you don't notice the smell.

Step 3 The end result!

Nice huh?

I got to review her flowers, woven headband a sml. piggy set and some clippies!

The shipping and turn around time was very fast! When we got home and opened the box of her bows there was a aroma that came out of her box, it smelt sooooo good! Then I remembered her pictures, her process pictures, and she set her flowers and butterfly's in Aussie! =)

Her headbands are made so nicely. Nicely woven. She made me this one,

These adorable clippies. She has a great variety of other ribbon as well.

My fav. is her zebra print clippie!

Simple white piggy tail bows. The white will go with just about ANY outfit!

And last but not least, a big beautiful Valentine's Day bow

I just love the ribbon!

So, if your interested in getting any kid of bow, go see Hair Sugar By Janna

Her prices are amazing.


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