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Monday, February 7, 2011

Brightside Btq

I hardly ever wear jewelry but when I do it's a necklace and the necklace has to have a special meaning to me. I've had 2 necklaces that I use to wear for years before they broke =/ 1 from my grandparents and one from my parents. I've found a new shop that hand stamps there own necklaces!! How neat! I was sent 1 necklace for this review. She makes them out of washers. Who new washers could be so beautiful! They have all 3 of my kids initials on it. "BXM, BMM, and CRM <3 To make is just a little more precious she hand stamped the words "made with love" on to another metal piece. This must have taken her some time and concentration to do. You can tell that she really takes her time with these necklaces. I'm going to take such good care of this necklace. It's so special to me. I believe that this necklace that I'm going to wear for a long time. Thanks Suzy for letting me review it!

Here are a few other necklace's she has made:

Brightside Btq also offers tons of other items. Here are just a few!

This is deff. a girlie girlie shop! I always have fun browsing threw all her items. You will find that the customer service is excellent! She will help you out with anything!

Where to buy?
You can find Bridghtside Btq on Facebook.

Happy shopping!


bettyjane.nace said...

shes a liar and a thief

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