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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The I like Book

People of every age long to be genuinely liked. What if the people in your life, the ones closest to you, had entries in their "i like book" filled out by you? How would it make them feel? Would focusing on the positive in your family make a huge impact? The "i like book" is natural, pure and from the heart. It has the capability to bring genuine peace and happiness to any relationship.

how to use the i like book
Write a short i like statement daily in your children's i like book, something you like about them, and share it with your children. Try incorporating this activity into your bedtime routine. The like can be affectionate, funny, loving, silly, warm, complimentary, or anything special.

It is easy to do. It is designed so that each child has their own book and the adults in their life write something they "like" about them. Whether you make an entry once a week or once a day does not matter. The biggest suggestion is to try and make it as interactive as possible (let them know what you "like" about them). You will be amazed at how well your child will respond after several days!

There are spots for both Mom and Dad and the comments are directed towards your kids! Here are some examples of what I wrote, I like when you crawl in bed with me in the middle of the night, I like your big smile, I like when we you randomly come up and give me hugs. I have made this a before bed time routine for us. They have really enjoyed doing this daily. My 8 year old daughter won't let me forget to do it! I really think it boost there confidence. In this crazy busy world we live in today, it's nice to just sit and be with your child. This book is just for them! They can sit back and look at all the wonderful things that you "like" about them. It will just warm there hearts! A great keep sake too!

CAUTION: this book may create fantastic relationships!

The I like Book has also came out with a book for couples!

Both would be great gifts for Valentine's Day!

Where to buy?
Visit there website here
There also on Facebook


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