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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Popcorn 4 All

If someone asked me what 5 items I had in my house at all time pop corn would be in that list! We love our popcorn here at home! Who doesn't. Popcorn is great for sleep overs, movie night, family night etc...I was very excited to run across Popcorn 4 All!

Why Popcorn 4 all?

Our popcorn is air-popped which means we just heat the popcorn kernels -- we don't have to rely on oils or other agents that are used in kettle popping. The results are the purest form of fresh and evenly popped popcorn, that when mixed with our own recipes, is a taste that you are sure to love.

It is made to order and sealed in foil fresh bags! They don't like to hide there beautiful popcorn inside, but the foil bags keep out the moisture and light. The results are popcorn flavors that will last much longer than the competition with an amazing taste as if it were fresh out of the kitchen!

I was sent a Gourmet Popcorn Gift Box. 3 Popcorn Flavors in 3 Half Gallon Packs. Citrus Wave Theme.Our theme boxes make great gifts of popcorn for friends or family. Three 8*10 foil fresh bags, each with more than half a gallon of delicious gourmet popcorn, in a presentation box with custom color lid. Choose three different flavors from our standard range or make them all the same - we're cool with either! Choose your lid color from a selection of 7 options. All for under 30 bucks!

First let me say when I received the popcorn pack I loved the cute citrus colors! You can also keep the box and use re use it! I did! I was sent the following flavors:
Italian Feast Jalapeno cheddar
Green Apple

Now for the fun part, I got to try out those yummy flavors!
Right away I opened them 1 by 1 tasting them all =) I was in popcorn heaven.
They all tasted very fresh. Our fav. was the green apple!!! I never heard of it before and YES IT'S GREEN =) how fun!Kids would LOVE this! The combo is a classic! white, caramel and cheddar yum! The Italian Feast, I'll be honest it wasn't my fav. It had a lot of spices on it. My boyfriend like it tho. He said it taste like pizza! Toffee was very good. Had a nice crunch to it! Last but not least jalapeno cheddar! Loooved it! Was not to spicy at all!

Here are some other fun flavors they have to offer:
* Cheddar
* Chocolate Cherry
* Red Cinnamon
* Holiday Crunch (Green Apple and Red Cinnamon Mix)
* Humbug
* Pumpkin Caramel
* Ranch
* White Cheddar
I would love to try the Red Cinnamon!

I would recommend popcorn 4 all to you ALL =)

Where to buy it?

They have $4 shipping everyday , nice referral program and specials.


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