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Friday, June 29, 2012


Monave mineral make up is made in Baltimore,MD buy a women owned and operated company. Monave offers extremely high quality cosmetics at a reasonable price to the retailer and wholesle customers.

Each and every ingredient is hand picked for its quality and products are made for well women: long wearing, natural looking, easy to use, and totally weightless. there are no irritants, animal by-products, dyes or preservatives. But the best part is, when you wear Monave, you look like yourself only better.

I have ultra sensitive skin and am always on the lookout for sensitive skin makeup. that is why I am super excited to try Monave. When I wear make up, I don't like to look like I'm wearing much. I love neutral colors. Monave sent me a few of there products to test out. First was there natural lip gloss. A warm brown with a hint of coppers and gold shimmers in it. Not so much my color. I am more of a peach. But thats fine :). The lip gloss goes on smoothly not to thick.A nice gloss. A great look overall. For day or night. I love that I only counted 8, yes 8 ingredients and one of them being coconut oil!

Second, I reviewed there powder.1 g, Color, Ashlie. Just my shade, very light. I like there powder. I put it on top of my foundation and it looked great. It made my skin feel flawless and smooth.

Last product I reviewed is there blush. color # 216.Loved there color once more. It had a dark pinkish hint to it. Went on smoothly. I did make me feel better. I like the fact that I didn't look or feel like I had to much make up on.

Monave also sales there make up brushes. I did not recieve any in my review but am thinking about purchings a few to help me put on my make up.

I was very pleased with Monave make up I would recomend it to all you moms!


Regina Malloy said...

sounds like sonething i would love to try .thank you for the information I found it very helpful!!

Jenna Hesselink said...

I also have sensitive skin and have a hard time finding something that will work. I will have to look more into this, thanks for the review!

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