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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Newman's Own Organic

We've all done it. Feed our children some not so healthy snacks. I feel bad sometimes.  I look on the back of the package and think what did I just feed her?! I always find myself saying "What is that?" Even though I would eat it, I'd still ponder why companies would put things in foods when consumers have no clue what they really are.

I have a great company that is all organic and all there food is GOOD for you!

Newman's Own Organics!

About Newman's Own Organics:Newman's Own Organics: The Second Generation was started by Paul Newman's daughter, Nell Newman and her business partner Peter Meehan in 1993. The two of them knew there was a market for organic foods, but didn't realize how quickly the demand for their products would grow. In early 2001, Newman's Own Organics became an independent company. By this time, the company was producing several organic products including; Pretzels, Coffee, Tea, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Organic Dried Fruit, and Pet Food.
"Great tasting products that happen to be organic" became their slogan, which they still stand by today. Now their line has grown even bigger by producing even more organic products including; Cookies, Mints, Licorice, Pop Corn, and, with Nell's love for chocolate, Organic Chocolate Bars and Cups. Newman's Own Organics' products meet all of the requirements of the USDA's National Organic Program.
My family and I got the chance to review a wide variety of there snacks!

I am SO impressed with this selection of snacks! Everything is delicious and I feel so much better letting my daughter go to town on cookies. OK, maybe not to town... but she has been munching away for the past few days.

It's hard to say what our favorite is but my boyfriend liked the fig bars, I liked the chocolate chip cookies and the kids LOVED the sour licorice! The bags even came with a resealable tape tab.

Click here to find a store that carries Newnan's Own Organics


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