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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Adelaide's Boutique

Adelaide's Boutique is one of my favorite Boutique's! She makes the cutest outfits! The way that the fabrics go together is amazing!

Here is the outfit my daughter got to review:

Song Bird is what it's called. My daughter got so many compliments on it! She loved it! On my daughter the pants/carpi's didn't go all the way down to her feet. They were just above her ankles. This dress has beautiful colors. Dark pink, blues, yellow. I just love it! To tie up the whole outfit she make a "belt" with a cute lil' yellow flower.

This adorable dress was designed for the Fall but can be worn all year around. Perfect for any event, it has lots of room for growth.

You can also order matching headband to go with any outfit!

It was SO hard picking out a outfit to review. I loved them all! Just look!

To order from her lovely lil' shop click here
Make sure you "like" her Facebook page! She is making outfits for the holidays NOW!


Malia said...

That outfit is absolutely adorable!!

Sasha Cory said...

Omg those outfits are adorable!

Mummy KnowsReviews said...

man i want a little girl so I can get cute dresses like this

Yona Williams said...

The last 2 dresses are irresistibly cute! I love the use of bows.

frecklefacecakes said...

these are so cute!

Gina said...

I love these clothes! My daughter would look very cute in them!

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