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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Adelaide's Boutique

Adelaide's Boutique is one of my favorite Boutique's! She makes the cutest outfits! The way that the fabrics go together is amazing!

Here is the outfit my daughter got to review:

Song Bird is what it's called. My daughter got so many compliments on it! She loved it! On my daughter the pants/carpi's didn't go all the way down to her feet. They were just above her ankles. This dress has beautiful colors. Dark pink, blues, yellow. I just love it! To tie up the whole outfit she make a "belt" with a cute lil' yellow flower.

This adorable dress was designed for the Fall but can be worn all year around. Perfect for any event, it has lots of room for growth.

You can also order matching headband to go with any outfit!

It was SO hard picking out a outfit to review. I loved them all! Just look!

To order from her lovely lil' shop click here
Make sure you "like" her Facebook page! She is making outfits for the holidays NOW!

Friday, August 24, 2012


"I got a new bag today" I tell my fiance. ::he rolls his eyes:: "Another one?" He says. LOL Are you bag obsessed like I am? I am! I have a bag for EVERYTHING!! Wet bags, swimming bags, totes, green bags for the store and of course my purses!

I am thrilled to tell you all about a shop on Etsy called YellowBlueBag. It's a cute lil' shop that has many styles of purses and adorable crochet baby blanket, booties and clothing!

Here's a little bio on the owner:

As a little girl I dreamt of becoming ballerina or an artist. Since I’ve never taken a ballet lessons, my first dream was never realized. However, I did get to study art in college and has been pursuing creativity most of my life.

I love color. I love its complexity and unique ability to communicate without any words. I also love to take something as simple as a ball of yarn, or a piece of fabric, and make something functional out of it.

Yellowblue{bag} is not simply a lesson in color theory, or a transliteration of a phrase in my native language (even though it is both, and you can ask me about this if you are really curious ;) , but it is an overflow of my unending creativity and everyday life.

Here is the bag I got to review:

I love this fabric it drew me in! Red Poppies!
  • This roomy bag is perfect for carrying all your stuff around with style. Whether you are a new mom with lots of diapers, blankets and toys to carry with you everywhere you go, a just looking for a cute bag for School or Work - you'll love this bag!
  • The outside of the bag is made from a sturdy upholstery fabric in Red on Yellow Poppy print. The inside lining is matching red and yellow on white floral cotton fabric.
  • The bag has outside pockets on both sides, which are great for smaller items like keys and phone. Another pocket is on the inside of the bag.
  • Dimensions: 16 inch wide, 10.5 inch tall, 6 inch deep. Handles are 21 inch long – perfect to carry on your shoulder.
  • The bag is lined with fusible fleece which makes it very sturdy. The bag holds its shape and stands on its own (as shown in pictures, photographed empty.)
  • Care Instructions: machine wash on gentle cycle, dry on low setting.
  • Made in her smoke free and pet free home.
  • This bag is made to order in 3-4 days after purchase.
Here is a few pics of her baby items:

Here is her Etsy page go check her out!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Safari Ltd.

Does your child love animals? We have a whole bucket full of animal figurines. But nothing as detailed as Safari Ltd. animals!There so life like! It makes my children really use there imagination.Safari Ltd. also sent me a HUGE catalog. My daughter had fun circling all her favorite animals! Here are a few pics of there NEW animals!

Safari Ltd. toys are much heavier than the average figurine. They stand up too! No falling down every 10 seconds! That was nice!

Safari Ltd. is also PERFECT for schools and daycares!

I was very happy with our dinosaurs and I will be purchasing more soon! It will be nice to have a set of dinosaurs ;D The prices are also very reasonable so purchasing multiple dinosaurs is in our budget.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Miss Oops!

I LOVE to wear black. What women doesn't!? It's slimming, can go with any other color and you can take it from day to night with just a few accessories! There is one thing i DON'T like about wearing black...deodorant stains! It seams like every ting I wear a black shirt i get a deodorant stain on it! UGh! How annoying! You cannot take it off with water oh no, your stuck wearing it! NOW there is a great new product called Miss Oops rescue sponge!
   Remove deodorant marks- The Allure award winning product, Rescue Sponge, is a patent-pending sponge made to remove deodorant marks, powder and other marks you have. Instead of having to wet a sponge, use this to sponge to absorb the excess and poof it's gone! Each set comes with 2 sponges per pack, so you can leave one in your purse and another at the office or home. Instead of using a tissue, this leaves no lint behind!  No need to wet your clothes, just briskly rub the dry sponge against the offending mark and watch it disappear. The patent-pending sponge comes two to a pack and are reusable. Safe to use on all fabrics!! It's small enough to keep in your purse!

Check out what else Miss Oops
has to offer you! There here to provide affordable solution-oriented products for all types of beauty dilemmas and avoidable fashion faux pas for women everywhere, including you!