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Monday, August 12, 2013

Barts cookies

I got a yummy review for you all today! Cookies from I received his fresh chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip peanut butter.The first thing I noticed was their cute little round shapes. It looks like he used a ice cream scooper. There so cute!

Bartman packaged these in a zip lock baggie. They stayed fresh!These cookies have great texture. There a little smooth and a lil' crunchy. These little baby's are packed full of chocolate chips! The chocolate was oozing out of them once I bit into it! The chocolate was very smooth and sweet. The peanut butter chocolate chip was my fav!It had real chucks of peanuts baked right into it! Mmm...I'm making myself hungry!I think I'm going to eat another one right now!

The different types of cookies that he makes are pretty simple. Dark Chocolate Chip, Milk Chocolate Chip, Dark + Milk Chocolate Chip Combo, Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Chip + Macadamia Nuts. Pretty much all of your classic cookies. They also have a gluten free option for all of the cookies.

Another thing I loved about Barts Cookies is that he makes them with simple ingredients!

Fun Fact: Bart Smith owes his success in business to his cookies. Whenever he has an interested client, rather than give them a business card, he would offer to send them a dozen of his cookies.


Vonnie Bailey said...

I agree, they do look like he used an ice cream scoop. The look small enough to enjoy but not to much that I'd feel guilty for eating! lol
Thanks for sharing.

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