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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Zarbee's seasonal relief

We all have heard of Zarbee's childrens cough syrup and Zarbee's adult sleep, right? Well, they have come out with a new cproduct! Introducing new, Zarbee's seasonal relief. It's natural,safe and effective. 

Until the last couple of summers, I have never really had a problem with allergies. I have struggled with drippy sinuses, cough, water eyes and the sore throat that results from it.  I  have tried so many products, over the years, to give some relief.  All of them designed to relieve or mask symptoms and get us through the worst of the season. A popular one even makes me sleepy! I don't like that! It's non-drowsy and non-habit forming.  Its all natural oroduct becuase of the main ingredient,Butterbur Plant Extract Ze339. Recently, I was introduced to Zarbee's seasonal relief and I feel so much better about using them for myself. Best thing is it's all natural! Here is some info. behind Zarbee's:

As a pediatrician and founder of Zarbee’s, I am thrilled that parents are learning more about safe and natural cough remedies for their families and that you’ve chosen Zarbee’s as your answer for bringing comfort into your home during those rough moments. In 2007, when the U.S. Food & Drug Administration ruled that children’s cough syrups were unsafe for kids under the age of four, I experienced first-hand the frustration that many of my patients also expressed. As a father of four boys, my wife and I would do anything to make our children feel better in their time of need, but (in the past) struggled with the available options for cold medicine. This frustration over not being able to offer relief to my boys and my young patients (and their parents) turned into passion to find an answer. I discovered a compelling clinical trial showing dark honey was effective at calming coughs and sore throats in children and young adults. With the help of my test subjects (aka our four sons), I was able to create a great tasting, all-natural, vitamin-enhanced, safe and very effective product, Zarbee’s All Natural Cough Syrup, specifically designed to keep

I was given samples of Zarbee's seasonal relief and took it right away! I like that they were small round pills opposed to large wide ones. There easy to swallow and had no side effects. It really helped my allergy symptom's! It relieves congestion and pollen defense. Thanks' Zarbee's! Zarbee's allergy relief is $8.99 a box. I think the price is very reasonable. Pick up a box at your local CVS and Target nationwide in the allergy aisle. 

  • Physician developed & recommended

  • Proven congestion relief*

  • Defense against pollen

  • Contains 10 tablets


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