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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lumnique Candles #Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Lumnique Candles specializes in personalized scented candles. Each 8 oz. candle is made-to-order using a soy wax blend, clean burning dual cotton wicks, eco-friendly color dyes, and essential fragrance oils that retain their scent while the candle burns. Mother's Day is quickly approaching. What better gift than to give mom a beautiful glass candle that is her favorite color and scent. She will absolutely love it. Luminque Candles also make excellent hostess, housewarming, birthday and any other occasion presents. The recipient will appreciate the effort that you put into designing the candle especially for them!

I love candles for many reasons. Mainly they relax me. That is why I'm excited to share with you this company!

The candle is quality made and the glass is very sturdy and durable. The fire color is a bold and rich red which reminds me of a tropical island. I chose coconut because the light fruity scent reminded me of summer too, even though I had never smelled it before.

I love the double wick of the candle, it's a fun twist on a regular candle. The candle smells delicious when burning and in no time the fruity aroma hugged my room. I really like that Lumnique made a candle with eco-friendly materials. I'd like to think that the candle brings tranquility and a peaceful environment into my home. If you're looking to de-stress, lighting a Lumnique candle and sitting back and relaxing would do just the trick.

I also love that they send you matches! I often don't have a lighter around me so this was nice.

Thinking of purchasing one? Here's how:

  1. Choose Intention
  2. Choose Color
  3. Choose Fragrance
  4. Choose Gift Set
  5. Personalize
They have fun scents like:
Pear, cucumber mint, sweet pea, cookies for Santa and much more!

Do you know someone who loves candles? They would make a great Christmas gift!


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