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Thursday, October 31, 2013



My sister is off at college by herself and I was thrilled to give her a ila Key ring alarm. What a great gift to put in her "off to college"gift bag! It made me feel better about her being away and I know it did my parents too! it has a alarm that omits an ear-piercing 130Db female scream that research has shown others are more likely to respond to than a traditional alarm, as well as disorientating an attacker.
I like the sleek look of ila.  A pretty silver chain dangles from the bottom of the device and in case of an emergency, a woman simply needs to grab the chain and pull it out to activate a 130db scream designed to disorient an attacker while at the same time increasing the chances that somebody will respond. The battery has a 3 year holding life when un-used, and the scream is easily silenced by replacing the pull pin.
I had to try this out. I was a little hesitant because I didn't know exactly how loud it was.The sound was surprisingly shrill and certainly realistic. I can’t imagine a thief not being alarmed if they suddenly heard that!
Overall, I found the ila Security products to be easy to use, effective and so stylish. I hope I’ll never need to use them, but I’m certainly glad to have them just in case. An ila alarm would make a great gift for a friend or a teenage daughter and is a handy item to pick up for yourself as well. Check out the collection today and find a personal alarm that suits your style while it keeps you safe!


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