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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Scentsy review and giveaway with Edie Anne

Have you heard of Scentsy before? Well if you haven't, let me tell you a little about them.

Scentsy offers bases of a variety of different styles, colors, and tastes. I picked Bride Scentsy Warmer, Honeymoon Hideaway, Love Story, and Satin Sheets Scentsy Bars. This gift set comes with a warmer and three bars. It's packaged in a cute box adorned with a bow! The bar is a wax brick which breaks up into cubes and allows you to control how much you put into the warming base. It's a really fun product and my living room was instantly filled with the delicious aroma of amazing scents.! The only issue I have with this product was that the wax was a little bit hard to come out of the package. The wax is reusable, and so is the base!

I enjoyed all three scents that came with this set. The scents all have a "honeymoon" theme to them. So fun!
Here a run down on what they smelt like!
Satin Sheets:
Sensual and earthy sandalwood, perfectly paired with rich, warm vanilla.
Love spell: Innocent pink jasmine and sensual amber embraced by luscious dark chocolate.
Honeymoon hideaway: Escape to a secluded retreat of dew-kissed lily and tart-sweet kiwi, shaded by lush coconut palm.
My fav. was the Honeymoon Hideaway. I'm a sucker for coconut so...
This set would be a perfect gift for a newlywed or recently engaged couple! Click here to order it today!
To order go Edie Anne's Scentsy page here. Here a little about her:
 I live in Maine and being a Career Coach, Mentor and Recruiter is my passion and I get to do all that as an Independent Scentsy Family Director with The Scentsy Family full time! I absolutely love my work and my team.

Edie is giving 1 follower a free plug in warmer! How nice!

Click the link below to be entered:

Friday, November 1, 2013

Thirty-One review and giveaway Melinda S.

Are you a mom on the go? Yes? Then I have a wonderful product for you! 

I got sent a timeless beauty bag to review from Melinda from Thirty One.

This bag is so versatile it's crazy! Just take a look at what you can do with it:

snack to go

put a portable DVD player or tablet in the top part and you have yourself a tv in your car!

make up

The bag has three different compartments and one area for your make-up brushes,snacks or anything else you'd like to stick there. 

I personally use mine for the car. I use to just take a bag full of books and coloring books to keep my little one busy in the car but now I use my Timeless Beauty bag! There's a buckle that let's you hook it right onto the seat. 

Overall, I like that this bag includes different sizes of holders so you can put certain things in certain ones! Like the other bag I reviewed I like the clear covering so I can see exactly what is inside each bag. Love the design and the fact that you can personalize it! It would make a great gift for your makeup loving friend! I also love the holders for your makeup brushes. Theres nothing I dislike more than putting my used brushes in a bag to see the residues fall everywhere.

These would definitely make some great gifts for birthdays or even Christmas! Get your Christmas shopping started early, they'll love them. Most of the products can be personalized so it would make it really special. Also if you think you would like to sell Thirty-One products you can talk to Melinda and she will definitely help you out. All orders get shipped directly to you, and I can personally say it comes really fast! Click here to go directly to her Thirty One page

Would you like to win one of your own Timeless beauty bag?Melinda was nice enough to give one lucky follower a $31 gift certificate to Thirty One. Just enter here:

Don't forget, For every $35 you spend Nov. 1-26, get a medium utility tote for $7!